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Everything listed is something I've tested and used frequently enough to know it's not only safe, but helpful and really makes a difference in my life. 
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Note: This page contains affiliate links which helps me provide the free content of the blog.  I only recommend products I regularly buy and use for myself, which have proven their value.

Free Apps:

  • Cronometer.com

  • Nutrino.co

  • Dminder.ontometrics.com


Helpful Sites & links:

For local organic pastured/grass-fed farms near you, check out: Eatwild.com

For finding local milk & dairy products: Realmilk.com

To learn more about sustainable farming and how it should be done, check out: Polyfacefarms.com

Kitchen, shower and whole house water filters - Friendsofwater.com

Defending food freedom: Farmtoconsumer.org

Drug recalls, side effects and drug interactions: Drugwatch.com

Stay abreast of retracted studies: Retractionwatch.com