Science and Belief combine in the area of consciousness.


Your belief system shifts your biology.

Your beliefs tell your subconscious what's possible, and that dictates your decisions, thoughts, actions, fears and hopes.

Most people are aware their biochemistry and hormonal make-up affect their thoughts; but forget their thoughts affect their biochemistry, and hormones. 

It's a two-way street.

This isn’t woo-woo stuff; the science is irrefutable.

Changes in thinking have improved everything from migraine headaches, to cancer.

In studies the placebo affect alone can account for as much as a 1/3rd improvement in pain/symptoms.

But it goes both ways. 

Every notice when you’re stressed your more likely to get sick, or get a flare-up? 

How you think influences your hormones, which affects inflammation, sleep quality, mood, energy, digestion, immunity, brain function and metabolism.

The relationship between your mindset and your physical body has been proven countless times over.

If you don't believe thoughts affect your physical body; stop and think about the "butterflies" when nervous........that's simply a physical reaction to how you feel emotionally, or what you’ve been thinking.

A simple thought can physically control you; for better or for worse. 

Your central nervous system relies on YOUR interpretation of your physical environment, and your subconscious doesn't know the difference between a memory, a fantasy, a feeling, or reality.

Your body only knows “fight/flight/fear” or “rest/relax/repair”.

So whether you’re actually running away from a murderer, or you're stressed out because of relationship, or work issues; your body doesn't know the difference.

When your body is stressed your immune system is more likely to "overreact" and your body redirects energy and blood flow away from important stuff like digestion, and cellular regeneration, to your heart and muscles to prepare for the perceived "emergency".

Many of us are so adapted to the stress state we don't even realize we are in it.

Symptoms of stress include:

Dry skin, inflamed skin
Dry eyes
White tongue
Poor sleep
Poor digestion
Feeling tired but "wired"
Joint pain
Mood swings
Overthinking/brain fog
Cold hands and feet

If you want to live a long healthy, happy life, start by controlling your mind.

Master your mindset, and avoid toxic food, people and places that make you stressed.

And if those situations are unavoidable; avoid letting it affect you.

We can't always control what happens to us, but we CAN ALWAYS control how we respond to it; and what we choose to focus on.

This is why happiness, peace, joy and pleasant thoughts are actually a factor of habit; not a factor of circumstance.

It doesn't mean you don't attempt to improve your situation; but it DOES mean you always have a choice about what you focus on.

No matter the situation; this is possible.

You may think that sounds incredulous depending on what you're going through; but we can learn a lot from Victor Frankl.

In his book "Man search for meaning" he describes how he was imprisoned in a nazi concentration camp, made to march miles through the winter snow with NO shoes on and only 1 piece of bread daily to survive on, and all human dignity and freedom stripped away......................Yet he realized he still had one freedom.


He could choose what he focused on and how he experienced his life.

He choose to focus on how much he loved his wife; even though he didn't know if she was alive or dead, and that transported him away from his torture.

NO one but YOU can take away your happy place; your peace, your joy, your mindset; and what you choose to focus on.

Frankl had every reason to hate his life, and feel nothing but anger but he realized not only does that not help anything...... it makes it worse.

He decided he would not let his feelings be controlled by circumstance.

If good circumstances alone brought happiness, we wouldn't see beautiful, successful, wealthy people in good relationships committing suicide. 

Happiness is an inside job; no one else can make you happy, no circumstances can make you happy, no job, money or accomplishment can do it.

What you focus on grows.

Worrying is simply a habit of focusing on what YOU DON'T want.

So break that habit by choosing to focus on what you DO want, and over time that focus will affect what you believe and how you feel. 

Don't wait your whole life for happiness.

It's in you; and it is always available to you (if you allow yourself to experience it).

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