Throw out the pills!

It's easy and tempting in our fast paced pill-popping culture, to try and supplement our way to health.

But that will never lead to sustainable, lasting or vibrant health.

Surprisingly supplements can be very problematic, and almost as risky as being careless with your foods choices, due to fillers and other by-products, or to manufacturing contamination.

It’s WAAAAY more effective (and safer) to get your minerals through whole food sources.

On important mineral to maintaining a youthful metabolism and good energy is copper.

Copper is often overlooked in the health world, but it's just as vital as any other mineral for overall health and is an important part of a anti-inflammatory and anti-aging diet.

Benefits of the RIGHT amount of copper include:

  • Anti-bacterial activity

  • Can help overcome nutrient malabsorption

  • Improves cellular health

  • Improves digestion, which can of course, affects the whole body.

  • Helps bring back color to grey hair (in the context of a nutrient rich diet of course)

  • Offsets heavy metals which are much more dangerous in excess.

And a diet deficient in copper can cause fatigue, joint pain, bruising, low body temperature, high cortisol and adrenaline, brittle bones, muscle pain, and skin and hair issues!

The app called Cronometer is what I use to track my meals to make sure I'm getting enough of all my minerals, including copper.

My favorite copper source?

Shrimp (which I aim to eat once a week).

Make sure to always choose ocean-caught shrimp whenever possible, it makes a world of difference in nutritional quality.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of every part of your diet being nutrient dense and the VERY major part that will play in your overall health.

With small changes, one step at a time, you can renew your entire body!

That’s how I permanently eliminated my pain (now 6 years pain free) and healed myself without medication.