How to "brainwash" yourself for success

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Recently on Instagram I posted about the healing affirmations I used in my health journey which took me from an anxious woman in crippling pain, to the woman I am today (off medication and pain free for over 6 YEARS now, and in control of my health).

Now, of course affirmations aren't the ONLY thing that helped me, but it was an essential tool, and one of the secrets to my success.

I think people often make the mistake of focusing ONLY on mindset, or ONLY on nutrition…..but you need both.

Even with the perfect diet and healthy lifestyle, the wrong mindset (belief system) can sabotage you, no matter how hard you try to reach your health goals! *cue ugly cry*

So I wanted to share my affirmations with you, because they've not only helped me, but more importantly, they’ve have helped many others too.

The affirmations are mostly focused on health, self-image, and confidence, but feel free to also use them for inspiration, and write your own if there are specific beliefs you'd like to focus on, or others you need to change.

And just an FYI: if you've never done this before, the goal is to influence and shift your subconscious beliefs.

You see, even though we think our decisions are deliberate,

in reality our conscious decisions are dictated by our subconscious, based on how we FEEL emotionally.

We justify our decisions via conscious thought, but the real reason we have a belief, or take a specific action, comes from emotions triggered by our subconscious mind.

So here's what I do:

I listen to my affirmations with headphones in, or read them in a quiet place and work on being fully present and enveloped in the feeling described by the affirmation.

Don't just repeat them or listen passively, but fully engage in the thought, and over time this will change your beliefs when you choose to suspend disbelief.

At night when lying in bed, listen to your affirmations with your eyes closed and headphones on.

As you hear each affirmation imagine a situation where it happens and make the picture as real, and as colorful and detailed as you can.

Your goal is to brainwash yourself and make this as if it’s a real memory for you, not just something you desire.

Feel the positive emotions associated with each affirmation run through your body again and again.

Your subconscious doesn't know the difference between something you're fantasizing about, versus something that's actually already happened (for instance, a memory).

This is powerful, because it’s easy to have confidence in a memory or something that’s already happened, which is why this has the ability to change how you envision your future and what you believe is possible.

Instead of always worrying about what you DON'T want, Program your mind to focus on what you DO want.

And THAT is powerful, because as your beliefs change, you move from a place of fear and insecurity, to a place of hope and peace.

And when you're operating from a place of hope and peace, your body leaves survival mode (your "flight-or-fight" sympathetic nervous system response) and shifts into your parasympathetic nervous system, which allows more mental clarity, and most importantly, more peace and hope.

This literally makes you healthier by reducing cortisol, so this is not just “woo-woo” stuff, but can actually improve your health, just like dietary changes will.

I suggest listening to your affirmations as you go to sleep every night, or any other time when you can close your eyes and totally immerse yourself in visualizing it.

The only way you won't get results, is if you don't do it!

Don't try to analyze if it will work, or speculate if it will work for you; just trust the process.

Block out all judgement and overthinking, and let yourself feel the affirmations as if you're living them in that very moment.

Your cortisol will drop and your youth hormones will elevate.

Don't wait, go do it now!